Serpentine exterior


We moved in the space on the corner of 3rd and 22nd streets, which had been Monice's Chinese Cafeteria for the previous two decades.


A talented crew of local crafts people started peeling back the layers of the past 100, years, revealing the original industrial beauty of what came before.  In doing so, they found Serpentine rock in the foundation and thus our name was born.


Tommy Halvorson purchased the restaurant on April 3rd, 2017.  Serpentine's founder, Erin Rooney, hand-picked Tommy to take over operations of the restaurant as executive chef and owner.  Serpentine has always been an approachable yet stylish neighborhood restaurant and cocktail bar known to locals for its comforting, seasonal Americana cuisine, and Halvorson is dedicated to keeping Serpentine's soul intact.  


"Serpentine has a long history in this neighborhood with a lot of folks who have been coming  in here for years," said Halvorson.  "It's as much their place as it is mine, and it's critical that when they come in after the remodel, they don't feel like they are walking into a different restaurant.  I want Serpentine to feel updated and refreshed, but familiar at the same time.  I'm working to retain many of the original, timeless choices that Erin made, while putting my own thumbprint on things."